ELSIES   RIVER    SOCIAL       
               WELFARE   ASSOCIATION

                                 Non Profit  Organisation
                                                                     Reg.No 003-282
                                                                          Est 1969

Historical Background

ERSWA was established and registered as a Welfare Organisation during September 1969. This was at a time when there was a definite need for an organisation to manage and administer certain projects in Elsies River

The history of Elsies River spans over more than a decade and is at present a residential area, 12 kilometers from Cape Town, for more than 90 000 inhabitants.

The original Certificate of Registration stipulated the terms of reference as:-

                  "To render family Care and Assistance to the community of  Elsies River by assisting those
                    who are in need of care, who encounter difficulties in their families, who are socially mal-
                    adjusted or find themselves in material need" 
                    to initaiate pre-school training facilities for children, youth programmes, the
                    improvement of the quality of life for all the community.

                   In addition to rendering such services to the community it aims to alleviate social distress
                   by raising funds for the promotion of such services"


To play a pivotal/leading role in the provision of an effective and sustainable Social Welfare Service with a focus on:

  • Quality Early Childhood Development and Training
  • In partnership with its strategic constituencies in accordance with accepted norms and values and national priorities
  • Impacting positively on improving people's quality of Life


  • Integrated Sustainable Organisational Development;
  • Family and Child Care
  • Fostering of Partnerships
  • Facilitate Youth Awareness Programmes
  • Empowerment of community members
  • Capacity Building
  • Poverty alleviation

Beneficiary of